The WASD Weekly: 2/16/24

Author: FaultProofBen

Gm (for the second time in a few hours), and welcome to The WASD Weekly!

You may have just read our piece on the WASD Guild Rewards program (LFG!!!).

But it's Friday after all, so you’re also getting The WASD Weekly!

DJ Khaled seems to approve of this newsletter frequency.
DJ Khaled seems to approve of this newsletter frequency.

DJ Khaled jokes aside, it was another (I’ll see myself out) exciting week in the onchain gaming ecosystem.

Tarochi Season 1 launched on XAI.

Proof Of Play released a no-fee NFT marketplace.

AW House launched the Komorebi Hacker House Protocol, while Influence and Sky Strife teased their upcoming releases.

I sound like the metaverse’s biggest broken record, but the momentum for onchain games continues to accelerate.

With the frequency of major new releases, I continue to believe it’s only a matter of time before we see a massive uptick of players in this space.

Now, without further ado, here’s:

  • A primer on the week’s onchain gaming news

  • My picks for three games to play this weekend

  • A list of upcoming playtests, opportunities, and events

  • A recap of WASD content & mints

  • Some of the best other content from frens in the ecosystem

And of course…

…The s-tier meme of the week!!!

🗞️ The TLDR:

The hottest news from the last week in onchain gaming and autonomous worlds.

🎮 Plays of the Week:

Three onchain games to try out for yourself this weekend.

⚔️ PTO: Playtests, Tournaments, & Opportunities:

Upcoming events from around the onchain gaming ecosystem.

NOTE: This is NOT an endorsement of any of these mints, I’m just highlighting opportunities that are out there. None of this is financial advice, and please DYOR before aping.

📺 This Week in WASD:

Catch up on this week's WASD content and mints.

🤝 Words From Frens:

The best content from frens in the community.

🤣 The S-Tier Meme of the Week:

How it’s felt on Farcaster these past few weeks.

Credit: 0xShrimple
Credit: 0xShrimple

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