Introducing WASD Guild Rewards


WASD is leveling up.

Last month, we received 74,534.56 OP tokens in Round 3 of Optimism’s Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RPGF).

Today, we’re beginning to put those funds to use with the launch of WASD Guild Rewards!

Through this initiative, WASD will distribute OP tokens to WASD Guild members who compete in onchain games.

We’re going to start rolling out these rewards with our guild’s favorite game: Primodium!

For this upcoming round (v0.10), WASD will provide 350 OP tokens in rewards to Guild Members who participate in our alliance.

In addition, we will retroactively airdrop another 350 OP tokens to alliance members based on their contributions during the previous round* (v0.9.1).*

Distribution Criteria

Our goals for these initial distributions are to reward all alliance members who dedicate significant time to the game and to incentivize strong performance.

As such, the criteria for the upcoming and retroactive rewards are:

  1. Alliance members who score over 1 billion points will receive 7 OP (Baseline Rewards).

  2. The remaining rewards budget will be distributed proportionally to players who score above the 1b point threshold (Bonus Rewards).

v0.9.1 Retroactive Distribution Results

Based on the above criteria, 11 alliance members scored more than 1 billion points during v0.9.1 and thus received the baseline reward of 7 OP.

This accounts for 77 of the 350 OP (22%) allocation for the round.

The remaining 273 ‘bonus’ OP will be distributed to these 11 players proportionally based on their share of the ~125 billion total alliance points scored at the time of the snapshot.

The results for the distribution are as follows:

Congratulations to all the recipients, and thank you for your contributions to the alliance!

NOTE: The OP will be sent directly to your wallet.

You will NOT have to claim or interact with anything.

We’ll announce when the funds have been distributed on our official socials channels!

WASD Guild Is Coming

We’re extremely excited to kick off this new chapter for WASD and WASD Guild.

We believe the Rewards Program will help us achieve our goal of creating the world’s best onchain gaming clan while sharing some upside with our amazing players along the way.

If you want to join WASD Guild and our fight for victory during this upcoming Primodium round, hit us up with a screenshot of your base and score from v0.9.1 on X or Warpcast!

GL, and see you all in the belt! 🫡

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