WASD Rewards: Primodium v0.10


WASD is very excited to announce the results of our rewards distribution for Primodium v0.10!

For this round, we’re airdropping 907.75 OP tokens to 20 guild members who participated in our alliances.

Each alliance member will also receive a commemorative NFT designed by Bushi, and the top-scoring player will take home a 1/1 trophy.

The incredible design for this round's commemorative NFT courtesy of Bushi.
The incredible design for this round's commemorative NFT courtesy of Bushi.

Here’s a breakdown of the distribution for this round and everything else you need to know.

WASD Rewards 101

Before diving into the distribution, here’s some background on WASD Rewards (Formerly known as WASD Guild Rewards).

WASD is distributing a portion of the OP tokens we received from Round 3 of Optimism’s RPGF to our members who compete in various onchain games.

We began this initiative in the previous Primodium round (v0.09.1), where we airdropped 350 OP to the 11 highest-scoring players in our in-game alliance.

We’re continuing this program for the current Primodium round (v0.10), future ones (v0.11 and beyond), and plan to extend it to other titles.

Primodium v0.10 and v0.11 Rewards Criteria

We had two overarching goals when it came to the distribution criteria for v0.10:

  1. Reward our top players and those who dedicate significant time to the game

  2. Reward players who actively contribute towards the alliance’s strategic goals

In that vein, rewards are split into two buckets:

  1. Performance Rewards (700 OP)

  2. Quest Rewards (207.75 OP)

Performance Rewards are allocated as follows:

  1. All WASD and WASD2 members who scored over 100 million points at the time of the snapshot will receive 7 OP (Baseline Rewards).

  2. The remaining Performance Rewards budget is distributed to these players proportionally based on their share of the total points scored by WASD and WASD2 (Bonus Rewards).

Quest rewards are allocated based on the completion and logging of tasks like conquering asteroids and upgrading bases. Each task was assigned an OP bounty that corresponded to its significance within the game.

We plan to continue using this high-level distribution framework for the upcoming Primodium round (v0.11).

However, we may tweak individual parameters (e.g., the baseline reward amount) as we see fit.

Primodium v0.10 Rewards Distribution Results

Based on the above criteria, 22 accounts (belonging to 20 players) exceeded the 100 million point threshold and thus qualified for rewards.

Each of these accounts will receive 7 OP in Baseline Rewards. This comes out to 154 OP, ~17% of the total distribution.

The remaining 546 OP in the Performance Rewards budget (~60% of the total distribution) will be allocated to players proportionally based on their share of the combined 23.97 billion points scored by WASD and WASD2.

(This figure excludes the points scored by WASD team members.)

Finally, the remaining 207.75 OP (~23% of the total distribution) will be allocated to players via Quest Rewards. 14 members participated in this and complete a combined 175 quests.

The distribution results can be seen below:


NOTE: OP and the commemorative NFT will be sent directly to your wallet.

You will NOT have to claim or interact with anything.

We’ll announce when the funds have been distributed in Discord, Telegram, and on our official socials channels!

Giga-Bullish WASD

We had a ton of fun playing Primodium v0.10 and are extremely excited to keep it going in v0.11!

Thank you to our members for your hard work, and congratulations to all the reward recipients!

If you’re interested in joining our mission to become Primodium’s top alliance and to build crypto’s largest onchain gaming guild, please reach out to FaultProofBen or the official WASD account on X.

Gl and see you all in v0.11! 🫡

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They are active players and contributors to onchain games and care deeply about furthering the development of the Ethereum and DAO ecosystems.

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