The WASD Weekly: 2/23/24

Author: FaultProofBen

Gm, and welcome to The WASD Weekly!

It was a big week for onchain games.

Influence’s pre-release went live in early access.

Proof Of Play revealed “Multichain,” an L3 framework built using Arbitrum Orbit.

Onchain Clash launched on Ancient8, while MMO wargame “War3,” was announced and will be launching on Blast.

I’m excited by all of these developments, as it shows that the ecosystem is progressing at both the infrastructure and game levels.

It’s a very bullish sign for the future of the space – And I can’t wait to try all the new releases!

Anyways, without further ado, here’s:

  • A primer on the week’s news

  • My picks for three games to play over the weekend

  • A list of upcoming playtests, opportunities, and events

  • A recap of WASD content & mints

  • Some of the other best content from frens in the ecosystem

And of course…

…The S-tier meme of the week!!!

Shoutout to Binkley-Spacetrucker on SketchFab who’s ship we used in the graphic for this piece!

🗞️ The TLDR:

The hottest news from the last week in onchain gaming and autonomous worlds.

🎮 Plays of the Week:

Three onchain games to try out for yourself this weekend.

⚔️ PTO: Playtests, Tournaments, & Opportunities:

Upcoming events from around the onchain gaming ecosystem.

📺 This Week in WASD:

Catch up on this week's WASD content and mints.

🤝 Words From Frens:

The best content from frens in the community.

🤣 The S-Tier Meme of the Week:

POV: You’re Akina after playing Tarochi for the past week.

Credit: 0xAkina
Credit: 0xAkina

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Have a great weekend, and see you all on Tuesday!

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