The WASD Weekly: 2/2/24

Author: FaultProofBen

Gm and welcome to The WASD Weekly!

It was another fun week for us onchain gamers.

Tenet began rolling out the digital physics for Everlon, their first sandbox.

Tarochi held its first 24-hour mainnet playtest.

Pirate Nation launched their “Hard Gauntlets” update.

And Sky Strife but a bow on Season 0.1.

These developments were all exciting to see, especially the new launches.

I must sound like a broken record at this point, but it’s becoming near-impossible (Despite it being my job) to keep up with everything happening in this space.

It’s bittersweet, but given this rapid rate of new releases, it’s hard not to be giga-bullish on the future of this space.

Now, without further ado, here’s:

  • A primer on the week’s onchain gaming news

  • My picks for three games to play this weekend

  • A list of upcoming playtests, opportunities, and events

  • A recap of WASD content & mints

  • Some of the best other content from frens in the ecosystem

  • A look at Dot (The game spotlight is so back!!)

And of course…

…The s-tier meme of the week!!!

🗞️ The TLDR:

The hottest news from the last week in onchain gaming and autonomous worlds.

🎮 Plays of the Week:

Three onchain games to try out for yourself this weekend.

⚔️ PTO: Playtests, Tournaments, & Opportunities:

Upcoming events from around the onchain gaming ecosystem.

📺 This Week in WASD:

Catch up on this week's WASD content and mints.

🤝 Words From Frens:

The best content from frens in the community.

🕹️ Game Spotlight: Dot

Game Overview:

The American flag: Dot Edition
The American flag: Dot Edition

Dot is an onchain art protocol.

With Dot, users can create pixel art designs on a 16x16 grid.

Each creation can be minted as an NFT and is issued via a 7-day open edition for 0.00123 ETH.

Dot is unique in that in order to get started, you’ll have to purchase “cartridges.”

Cartridges are sets of different colors that you can use in a design and can be purchased in packs of 1, 3, or 5,

Importantly, you can only create with colors in a specific cartridge.

For instance, if you had a cartridge with red, blue, and green, you’d only be able to paint with those shades.

Dot is live on Base and can be accessed via an invite code.

(I have a WASD one for you all below!)

Dot also has a playable mini-game, where you can get a feel for the protocol by creating a design that can be published on X.

The WASD Take:

A cool Dot creation that I like.
A cool Dot creation that I like.

Overall, I’m a big fan of Dot.

I like how easy it is to use, as you can create through a simple UI where all you have to do is color in pixels.

(It’s straightforward enough that even I can use it).

Despite this, the design of cartridges does a good job of spicing things up, as it creates constraints that you have to work within.

My only real gripe revolves around the cumulative cost of buying cartridges, as you may have to spend a bit multiple packs in order to get a set that you like.

But all in all, I think Dot is a cool protocol, and I’m excited to see where the team takes it from here!

If you’re interested in getting started with Dot, feel free to use the following invite code:


🤣 The S-Tier Meme of the Week:

Mood during the latest Words3 Community Round.

Credit: 0xShrimple
Credit: 0xShrimple

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